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Welcome to Willamette Oaks - A LifeMinded® Senior Residence

Senior Apartments & Assisted Living in Eugene OR

Willamette Oaks, located in Eugene, Oregon is a senior apartment and retirement community providing outstanding care and our signature LifeMinded approach to engaged retirement living. Come home to a welcoming community, a riverfront setting, and a Eugene location convenient to everything.


Our 11-acre location on the Willamette is as peaceful as it is scenic, yet still close to where the action is. Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, rates, and a full list of amenities.



Meet our Legacy Kids. Willamette Oaks, once a place for mom, now it's the place for me. Seven of our current residents decided to move here, in no small part because one of their parents did before, and loved it.



Change is inevitable. Rent increases don’t have to be. People tend to live at Willamette Oaks longer than they expected, so we’ve found a way to help you plan for the future with greater financial certainty and confidence.


LifeMinded is in everything we do.


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Kate B.

I visited yesterday. The people are very friendly, the food is superb, and …

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Tim B.

I've been living at Willamette Oaks for about 9 months and absolutely love …

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C.D. L.

Excellent, caring staff. Beautifully kept grounds. Google Maps lists this a…

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Karel K.

This place is great. Excellent staff and lots of activities. Everyone who l…

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Ivy L.

I have a friend that I visit at Willamette oaks on a regular basis. This is…

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John H.

Clean place. Nice residents.

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Leslie K.

Amazing staff!

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Cindy G.

This is a great place to work!!!

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star


Wanda and Tom Hayes are our parents they have been there for eighteen years…

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Anne Marie L.

Such a wonderful place! The staff is attentive, friendly and extremely cari…

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Barb F.

My mom has been at WO since 2006 and at almost 101, she hopes to spend the …

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Shealyn Z.

Awesome staff working LifeMinded!

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Chandra B.

I have loved working and growing in this community for 7 LifeMinded years!

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Krisian S.

Reputable, nice staff, clean facilities

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

M O.

This independent retirement living center has grounds (vs cement) and is ri…

1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star 1/2 star

Arnie M.

Must be good. A lot of my friends live there.


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We offer a unique alternative to typical "assisted living": providing access to personal assistant services, tailored to you—as you need them.



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Family owned and operated, Willamette Oaks was different from day one.

Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, pricing, and a full list of amenities included in your rent.




Proud to have 100% of our Staff & Residents vaccinated!

Learn more about our commitment to living LifeMinded here.

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Not necessarily. Learn more about the ins and outs of retired independent living so you can make the right decision for you.


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When you join the Willamette Oaks team, it's more than just a job.


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At Willamette Oaks, whether you live here or work here, you're a vital part of the community. Here’s an introduction to a few of those folks.



Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, pricing, and a full list of amenities included in your rent.



No matter where you choose to live, this information can help you make an informed decision.

Assisted Living
Assisted Living


What is Assisted Living Eugene OR? 

“Assisted Living” is a complex and multifaceted term. In some situations, it refers to senior living communities such as senior apartments or homes in which residents live independently for the most part. 

Other times, it may refer to retirement homes where on-site medical care is provided for residents who need more help but who still wish to live as independently as possible in their own space with their belongings. 

In either situation, it is important to know that the assisted living facility that you choose will be able to accommodate your needs and provide you with the comfort and care that you need. 

In our experience, most healthy, active seniors don’t need constant medical care. Instead, we believe in offering amenities that help seniors support their active, independent lifestyle so that they can enjoy their retirement without worrying about the little things. 

To that end, Willamette Oaks offers daily meals, health and wellness programs including group fitness activities, housekeeping, transportation, social programs, and access to medical care for those who need it. 

We want you to feel at home during your stay with us.


Does the Willamette Oaks Senior Living Community offer the right Eugene Oregon assisted living for you?

At Willamette Oaks, we believe that age is just a number. We are here to enable you to live as independently and freely as possible, and it is our goal to ensure that your retirement is full of fun, excitement, and adventure.

All of the above services are provided to all of our residents in addition to planned activities and social outings, medication assistance, and 24/7 emergency assistance if needed. In addition, we offer the added benefit of room service on days when you don’t feel up to socializing, personal assistants for certain tasks, and moving-in services for our new residents. We have also formed a partnership with Visting Angels to help provide our residents with any additional personal assistance that they may need throughout their day.

Willamette Oaks is an assisted living facility for seniors that are able to live independently with minimal to moderate assistance. We strive to bridge the gap between assisted living and independent living by offering services that help our residents get the help that they need without leaving the comfort and security of their homes.

Some seniors require more support and are unable to be as independent. Seniors with serious medical conditions or who are rapidly declining in health may benefit more from being in a nursing home or a more medically oriented assisted living facility that can provide around-the-clock medical care and health observation.

Only you and your family can decide what the right level of care is for you. It is beneficial to pause and think about what you are looking for in an assisted living facility so that you can make the right choice for yourself. We are here to help answer any questions that you might have, and we look forward to helping you make an informed decision.

We want you to enjoy your retirement and to have the care and support that you need while you do it. Reach out to us today to learn why Willamette Oaks may be the right place for you!

Independent Living
Independent Living


As we age, it can be difficult to acknowledge that we may need some additional help to do the things that we enjoy. While everyone needs assistance sometimes, nobody wants to completely give up their independence. 

This desire for independence is what typically causes seniors to want to stay in their own homes. Unfortunately, this often unexpectedly leads to a loss of independence. It can be difficult to maintain your adventurous lifestyle without adequate support, access to transportation, or a decrease in finances due to retirement. 

This is why Willamette Oaks strives to provide an environment of safety, security, and independence to all of our residents. We believe that people should be able to continue to live on their own for as long as they wish and are able to on their terms. 

We believe that your valuable time should be focused on visiting friends and family, learning new hobbies and enjoying old ones, and staying physically and mentally active in the ways that you enjoy. This can be difficult when you choose to remain in your house because you’ll have to do your own shopping, cooking, cleaning, and household chores which often end up taking up the majority of your day. You’ve already done that throughout your life, isn’t it time to relax and let someone else worry about the little things?

When people move to an assisted living facility such as Willamette Oaks, all of these mundane little tasks are taken care of for them. We offer onsite housekeeping services, transportation to and from the locations you wish to visit, delicious home-cooked meals created daily by our professional chef, and so much more. Our residents can relax, be more social, more active, and more engaged which leads to fuller, more purposeful, and happier lives. 

Most of our residents freely admit that they resisted moving from their homes for months or years before they finally decided to make the transition to Willamette Oaks. Now, they say that they wish that they had made the move sooner. 


What is an Independent Senior Living Community?

An independent senior living community is often referred to as a retirement home, senior apartments, or a retirement community, but at Willamette Oaks, we believe that it is more than that. Our independent living community emphasizes independence, growth, and activity for all of our residents, and we want our active, healthy seniors to feel completely at home. 

Our residents have their own apartments and living areas, but by living near other seniors they are also able to take advantage of a wide range of benefits that would be otherwise unavailable, or extremely expensive. Things like housekeeping, security, transportation, access to fitness facilities and classes, dining on demand, a salon, and our concierge services are included as part of our resident’s rent. 

The best part is that while we encourage our residents to socialize and get to know one another, there are no schedules or mandatory events. Some of our residents prefer to keep to themselves and choose to take advantage of our amenities alone or in the comfort of their own apartment. We are able to offer peace of mind to all of our residents, and they know that our helpful staff and a large community are there for them should they want or need it.



Aging in place.

One of the most important things that we offer at Willamette Oaks is the ability to “age in place”. This means that we are fully equipped and our facility is fitted to help accommodate our residents as they get older and begin to naturally lose some of their physical ability to get around. We have incorporated amenities such as wider hallways, numerous available elevators, ramps, and guardrails throughout our facility. 

In addition, we have several full and part-time caregivers that are available to help any of our residents with anything that they require. Most importantly, each one of our senior apartments is equipped with a voice-activated call system that enables our residents to get help in an emergency. There are no pull cords, buttons to press, or phone calls to make when you need help, any verbal expression of distress will alert our compassionate and competent staff to come to your aid.  

Together, these amenities are designed to allow you to age in place gracefully and without worry, which results in a healthier mental and emotional state during any necessary recuperation.



Is the Willamette Oaks Senior Living Community the right assisted living Eugene place for you?

No one should make the decision to move for you, as nobody understands your unique situation and needs better than you do. We encourage our future residents and their families to visit us and take a tour so that they can make an informed decision. 

We pride ourselves on being different from other assisted living facilities in that we are not corporately owned. Instead, we are a family-owned and operated facility that has been serving our senior residents for 30 years. Because of this, we are able to listen to our residents and implement their requests as often as possible, in addition to offering unique and exciting amenities that you won’t find at other retirement communities. 

Come see the difference for yourself. Meet our staff members and residents, enjoy one of our Chef-cooked meals in our luxury dining hall, or spend a few days in one of our guest apartments to see where your family can stay when they come to visit you, and join in on one of our group classes or social events. Once you’ve seen what we have to offer, we’re sure that you’ll know if Willamette Oaks Senior Living Community is right for you.

Nutrition & Diet
Nutrition & Diet



Our bodies change as we age.

Nutrition is important at every age, and it has an undeniable impact on the way that we feel when we get older. Along with fitness and remaining active, eating well throughout your life can help to have a positive impact on your health, wellness, and overall activity levels during your retirement. 

On the other hand, poor eating habits such as frequently skipping meals, eating too much fast food, or eating meals that are low in nutritional value can have a severely negative impact on the quality of your life. Nutrients can be harder to absorb as we age, and in many cases, there may be the addition of gastrointestinal problems or dietary regulations that can interfere with a senior’s ability to get the adequate nutrition that they require. 

We also know that not everyone is comfortable cooking their own meals, may not be financially able to, or may have difficulty in getting to the grocery store as regularly as they would like in order to get fresh ingredients. For others, they may simply not be interested in eating alone, or they may not get the same hunger cues that they once did. This becomes more common in seniors that are not as active as they once were, which leads to a decrease in the amount of energy and calories that they need daily. 

As a result, we make nutrition for our residents a top priority at Willamette Oaks. Our Executive Chef Frank Blanchard and his team create stunning dishes twice daily for our residents to enjoy. These meals are full of healthy whole foods including vegetables, whole grains, and fruits as well as high protein foods including meats, nuts, seeds, eggs, and fish. His team takes care to ensure that the meals that they cook are not only incredibly delicious, but also full of key nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, folic acid, and niacin. 

These well-balanced, nutrient dense foods help encourage a healthy lifestyle for our residents at the added benefit of being prepared for them. We are careful to ensure that a variety of foods are always offered so that our residents can choose what they like to eat and so that they don’t get bored with eating the same meals again and again.


What’s on the menu at the Eugene Oregon assisted living community?

In our dining room, Executive Chef Frank Blanchard and his staff create their menus and meals from scratch, on-site, and with the freshest seasonal and locally grown ingredients in mind. In addition, we have our own garden full of fruits and vegetables as well as spices that are incorporated into the menu that is offered. Each day, a fresh salad bar is offered, and our staff makes sure to help celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries for all of our residents.

Each menu item can be tailored to fit the specific dietary needs and requirements of our individual residents, and our Chef and his team always incorporate feedback from our residents into their menus. Unlike many other assisted living facilities, we are privately owned which means that we are able to listen to the requests and concerns of our residents and we are willing and able to make changes to the menu items that they don’t enjoy. 

We believe that meals are an integral part of the social environment that we offer at Willamette Oaks, and we offer a stately garden-side dining room for our residents to eat and socialize in during meals. We also know that sometimes our residents may feel under the weather or simply not up to socializing, and so we also offer room service whenever it is needed. 

While some assisted living facilities do not include meal plans into what they offer, we believe that dining services are an essential part of living in a retirement community. So, all of this is included in your monthly rent, and you are free to eat your meals whenever you would like, and if you miss any meals, you are free to “make them up” during the same month. Meal time should be relaxing, stress-free, and social, and we want to make you feel at home.



Staying fit and active, both physically and mentally is essential during every stage of life. As people age, the practice of staying fit becomes even more important than ever. By staying active, you can live a longer, more fulfilling, more engaging, and healthier life so that you can fully enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement. Taking responsibility for your health and the way that you treat your body is essential in your senior years. This will be easier for those who have always taken an active role in their health, but it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself! Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, it is important to listen to your body.

Eating more nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables and foods high in protein and fiber can give you more energy, help you to sleep better, and can improve your mood regularly. Eating better is only half of the battle though. It is also important to get your body moving as much as possible. Research has shown that regular physical activity has a positive impact on brain function, particularly in older adults.

Additionally, frequently exercising can help reduce your chances of catching viruses, such as the cold or flu, as well as lowering your risk of developing chronic health conditions including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or pulmonary diseases. While the benefits of regular exercise can’t be overstated, it can still be difficult for people to know where to start when it comes to exercising and eating right.

Living at Willamette Oaks can help! We strive to make sure that all of our residents live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. That’s why we offer several different group exercise classes such as aerobics, yoga, tai chi, and pilates for all of our residents to take part in. We have found that by offering a place where exercise can be fun, social, convenient, and structured, people are more likely to stick to their fitness goals. This leads to happier, healthier, and more active residents that are able to interact with their community.



Exercise, it’s for more than just your body.

Physical fitness isn’t the only thing that’s important though. It’s equally important to work out your brain to help improve your mental focus, cognitive abilities, and attention. When you take the time to read, try new things, and learn new skills or hobbies, you’re helping your brain to develop new neural pathways that help keep your brain younger. Any task that requires active engagement and focus can help improve the way that your brain functions. In turn, this can help improve your mood, your sleep, and your overall health and sense of well-being. 

Living in a retirement community enables seniors to engage in community activities in a structured, safe, and readily available way. All of our activities, classes, and group events are designed with a senior focused approach to fitness, overall wellness, and enhancing their ability to stay active.  



How can living at an assisted living Eugene Oregon facility help you stay active?

There is a prevalent and unfair view of aging as a time to withdraw from the world, from activities that you once enjoyed, and to stop exploring new places, ideas, and experiences. At Willamette Oaks, we think that nothing could be further from the truth. We believe that when a person retires that their life is just beginning. 

We call it the LifeMinded approach. It is our goal to help every one of our residents to live life to the fullest. We help each person create their own personalized activity program when they move in that allows them to choose the activities that excite them. We encourage our residents to live fuller, more active, and more satisfying lives regardless of their age. 

A 2017 report from the International Council on Active Aging found that in Life Plan Communities with a wellness program, 91% of residents say their health and wellness is good, very good or excellent.

At Willamette Oaks, LifeMinded promotes the benefits of engaged and independent living, using special, proven practices designed for senior living, based on the "Seven Dimensions of Wellness" model endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging.


Living LifeMinded.

Our LifeMinded approach can be broken down into four categories that work together to help our residents stay physically and mentally fit and active. The category is physical fitness, and we achieve this by offering a wide variety of exercise programs and outdoor activities including yoga, walking, tai chi, and so much more. 

The second category is mental fitness. By offering a diverse social atmosphere to work out in and engage with your peers in, we strive to keep your mind sharp. We also offer classes, workshops, and group activities to learn new hobbies and skills to keep your brain active. 

The third category emphasizes the importance of social connections. At Willamette Oaks, you will be a part of a community of likeminded peers that can offer camaraderie, friendship, and connections. We believe that making new friends is just as important as nurturing old friendships, and socializing is an important part of enjoying life to the fullest. 

The fourth and final piece of our LifeMinded approach is called Making A Difference. This means that we encourage our residents to give back to their community by volunteering with causes that mean a lot to them. We also encourage our residents to mentor others, create things to donate if they are crafty, and more. We believe that giving back is one of the best ways to make an impact and that helping to make a difference gives our residents a greater sense of self-worth and purpose.