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Who says work
can't be fun? 

Dining Room/Catering Manager

Working at Willamette Oaks is more than a job-it is an opportunity to enrich the lives of seniors and their families, plus be a part of a seasoned great team who take pleasure in making a difference EVERYDAY in the lives of our residents. Having a sense of humor, a “glass is always half full” attitude and a love for working with compassionate team members permeates the culture of Willamette Oaks.

You will be responsible for providing a quality dining experience, ensuring residents receive the highest quality of customer service, exceeding expectations. Other responsibilities include: 

  • Supervise the day to day operations of the dining room
  • Schedule, manage, and train dining room associates
  • Oversee the billing of resident food charges
  • Supporting catering functions
Our Culture

We are a company dedicated to creating an exceptional environment where older adults continue to live lives fully engaged and with purpose. The only thing that equals our desire to build community for our residents is to build community with our staff.

The cornerstones of our culture are:

We work every day to ensure that we are not only supporting those key cornerstones but achieving them. For Residents and for Staff.


Being a LifeMinded community is what makes Willamette Oaks unique. LifeMinded means living engaged and living with purpose. It’s an approach we’ve practiced since we opened in 1986. Based on the “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” our LifeMinded approach helps every Willamette Oaks resident create their own personalized program for living a full, satisfying and active life – often a more active life – regardless of age. We also find it applies to staff as well. A job is a way to make money, a LifeMinded career is a way to make money while leading a more fulfilling and engaged life – one with a purpose. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we’d love to meet you.

How to Apply

The best way to apply is to submit your resume to or by snail mail to 455 Alexander Loop, Eugene, Oregon 97401. After submitting your resume please feel free to call to ensure we’ve received and reviewed it. We also encourage you to stop by in person to submit a resume. We look forward to meeting you.


Interviews are designed to allow employers the chance to get to know job applicants. We believe it's a two-way street and just as important for potential employees to get to know us as well. If the culture shown in this video feels like a fit then you are in the right place.