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Live engaged.
Live with purpose.
Live LifeMinded.®

Our LifeMinded living strategy has five components:
Physical Fitness, Brain Fitness, Social Connections, Making a Difference, & LifeMinded Rewards.



Too often, we’re told that aging must be a time of diminished expectations, contribution, and exploration. We vigorously disagree. Since we opened our doors in 1986, our residents have benefited from a much different approach. We call it LifeMinded. Through it, we help every person who lives here create their own personalized program for living a full, satisfying and active life—often a more active life—regardless of their age. This is retirement living as it was meant to be lived, full of life.

LifeMinded promotes the benefits of engaged senior living, using special, proven practices based on the “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” model endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging.


We're re-imagining LifeMinded, every day!

Everyone is having to be creative, and we're more than up to the task. Living LifeMinded is our specialty, regardless of circumstance.


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It is a fact that people tend to live at Willamette Oaks longer than they expected, so we’ve found a way to help you plan for the future with greater financial certainty and confidence: LifeMinded Rewards. It’s a one-of-a-kind program that limits or eliminates rent increases. And it starts after you’ve lived here just three years.

  • After three consecutive years of residing with us:
    No more than a 2% rent increase per year. Guaranteed.
  • After five consecutive years of residing with us:
    No more than a 1% rent increase per year. Guaranteed.
  • After 10 consecutive years of residing with us:
    No rent increase. Ever.

No hidden gimmicks. No fine print. It's a rental plan with a long-term view. And one you won't find anywhere else.


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Stretch Beyond The Ordinary.

From tai chi to yoga and more, we offer many different fitness classes and outdoor activities. Keep your routines fresh and your motivation high as you maintain your all-important balance, core strength, heart health and flexibility.


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Stay sharp.

Science increasingly shows that a honed and vigorous mind is the key to healthy brain functioning later in life. We mix learning in a social atmosphere with fun physical fitness exercises to help keep your mind limber and lucid.


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Find friendship.

Living at Willamette Oaks means being embraced by a community. We offer many opportunities to build meaningful new relationships and nurture longstanding ones. We also offer group discussions and other structured support for residents seeking camaraderie and connection.



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Pursue your passions.

Your life’s work should be for life. We’re here to help as you keep making an impact. Willamette Oaks residents redefine retirement by volunteering, mentoring, creating, and more. Share your vision, and we’ll make the connections that make it possible.


Even before you move in, we want to know what matters to you. We’ll ask about everything from your food preferences to your definition of a life well-lived. What’s on your “bucket list?” How do you hope to make a difference in the world? What would you like to learn? What do you believe in? Aspire to? Once we find out, we get busy connecting you with opportunities for living an engaged and purposeful life—as you’ve defined it.

Wake each day with something to look forward to. 

Our LifeMinded approach distinguishes us from other independent senior communities, creating a difference you can feel. We invite you to visit and experience life at Willamette Oaks.